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From Dresden to Bautzen and Görlitz

On what was once Europe’s longest trade route (Via Regia), Bautzen and Görlitz developed into urban gems. In Görlitz in particular, you can still immerse yourself impressively in past centuries. But first you are invited to Pulsnitz to learn more about traditional blueprints and gingerbread.

Bautzen then presents itself as the cultural center of the Sorbian minority in Saxony. During the short visit you will take a look at the historic center with the Old Waterworks, Ortenburg Castle and the Sorbian Cultural Center.

In Görlitz we explore the outer city center with the Holy Sepulchre, Nikolai Cemetery and Obermarkt in a minibus. The many wonderful details of the Lower Market and the Zwinger will be explored at a leisurely pace in a walk. A short detour to Zgorzelec in Poland will open up new perspectives for you. And if there is still time available, on the way back to Dresden we will visit Lake Berzdorf – a former lignite opencast mine.

Day trip to Upper Lusatia

Program and highlights of the day tour to Upper Lusatia

  1. Stopover traditional handicraft in Pulsnitz: Pfefferküchler or blue printing
  2. Short visit to the old town of Bautzen: Old Water Art, Ortenburg Castle, Sorbian Museum/Volk Theater, if necessary Yellow Misery
  3. Culinary break in Sorbian
  4. Tour in and around Görlitz: Holy Sepulchre, Nikolai Cemetery, Obermarkt, Postplatz, City Park, University, Brewery
  5. Old town tour in Görlitz: St. Peter’s Church, Lower Market, Upper Market, Zwinger, Neisse
  6. Bonus: Lake Berzdorf, Cistercian monastery in Ostritz.
During the summer months.
  • Street theater festival “Via Thea
  • Silesian Tippel Market
  • Old Town Festival
  • Open Monument Day

  • Individual day trip in minibus up to 8 persons according to the program
  • Accompaniment by certified tour guide
  • Tour program (see above) with daily individual adaptation
  • Suitability for wheelchair users (2 wheelchair places, boarding aids)
  • doorstep pickup
  • regional tastings

  • 495,- € incl. VAT. Group price for 1 to 8 persons (minibus)

  • all year round Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, immediately bookable
  • other dates on request

Start and finish
  • Start 9 am pickup from hotel or home in the area of Saxony (Chemnitz, Leipzig, Dresden, etc.) and also from the area of Halle.
  • Finish 6 p.m. Arrival at pickup location or by appointment.

Number of participants
  • up to 8 persons
  • up to 2 wheelchair users

Cancellation conditions
  • up to 4 weeks before departure cancelable free of charge
  • up to 24 hours before departure rebookable free of charge
  • from 24 hours before departure cancellation fee 100% of the tour price

The day trip to Upper Lusatia is suitable for you if you …

  • are a guest in Dresden and you feel like medieval flair.
  • have always wanted to know what hall houses look like inside.
  • want to know how Sorbs preserve their culture.
  • don’t want to travel all the way to Jerusalem to see the Holy Sepulchre.
  • want to take a walk to Poland and back.
  • have not seen the scenery of many Hollywood movies.
  • love to wander through medieval alleys.
  • want to experience Lusatian dialect and humor live.
  • are enthusiastic about Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Wilhelminian architecture.
  • are open-minded for Lusatian delicacies and tastings.
  • like to photograph doors, windows, sculptures, installations.
  • are interested in what has become of the open-cast lignite mining near Görlitz.
  • … .

More tips and advice for the day tour to Bautzen and Görlitz.

For the most part you will be transported by minibus. In Pulsnitz, Bautzen and Görlitz we also move on foot. However, depending on individual preference, you should not walk more than 3 to 4 km. Please make sure you wear clothing suitable for winter conditions.

Direct contact with the tour guide

Pedro Oehme

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- Individual day trips in minibus (8 pers.)
- Saxony, Thuringia, S.-Anhalt, Brandenburg
- Start from Chemnitz, Leipzig, Halle, Dresden
- doorstep pickup, wheelchair suitability

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